Seeking: Jei and the Squirrel (2017)


I fell in love.
I really loved him; more than my life.
But I started to lose my strong feelings, and I became so upset.

One day I watched a squirrel who found fruit on the ground. She took it up to one of the highest branches. She enjoyed the fruit happily.
Then, a few minutes later, she dropped the skin.
My head felt the dull sound – thump – of the hard skin hitting the ground.
Did I see that a squirrel enjoyed only the sweetness and threw the bitter away?
I could not stop identifying myself that squirrel. And I started to laugh loudly.
Life is not serious, as I wanted to believe.

I paint Jei and the Squirrel.
In my painting, Jei is the character who cares about what others think of her, and the Squirrel is the character who wants to do whatever she wants, like a child.

Through this process, I observe myself from a distance, and attempt to think of how I have built general relationships with others and with things (how I have longed for love and had attachments in relationships), and how I want to have a relationship in the future. And, thus, how I should have it now.

To me, painting is a tool to understand who I am, and to see the world as it is.


About jei

Korean contemporary painter